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More From Washington, D.C: CFPB Explains Down Payments, Warns About Online Mortgage Calculators added 3/3/2017

Hong Kong Estate Agents Authority Launches New Consumer Education Campaigns added 3/3/2017

Utah Court: "Non-Reliance" Clause Doesn't Bar Buyers' Misrepresentation Claims added 3/3/2017

RESPA Anti-Kickback Enforcement Action Taps Real Estate Brokerage Firms added 3/3/2017

Nebraska Clarifies Records Retention Rule, Provides Guidance on "Funds that Bypass a Broker Trust Account" added 3/3/2017

TRID Update: Michigan Drops Closing Statement Requirement, CFPB Closing Disclosure Access Rule Still Pending added 3/3/2017

TREC Survey Examines Licensee Attitudes, Attributes and Practices added 3/3/2017

West Virginia Cancels Reciprocity Agreements added 3/3/2017

A Quick Look at 2017 Real Estate Legislation: Part I added 3/3/2017

Registration Now Open for the ARELLO® District 2/3 Conference June 8th-10th! added 3/3/2017

ARELLO® Real Estate Commissioner Reference Manual Now Available! added 3/3/2017

ARELLO® Membership Committee Releases New Informational Video! added 3/3/2017

Special Accommodations Notice for Mid-Year Attendees Arriving on Tuesday, April 25th! added 3/3/2017

It's Time to Register for the 2017 ARELLO® Mid-Year Meeting! added 3/3/2017

March 2017 Boundaries added 3/3/2017

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