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Winding Down From the Crisis (Continued): GSEs Unveil HAMP Replacement added 2/2/2017

Sign of the Times: 11th Hour FHA MIP Cut Suspended added 2/2/2017

Missouri Court: Adoption of Revised USPAP Standards Not Required for Appraiser Discipline added 2/2/2017

New Zealand Real Estate Price Fixing Penalties Top $16 Million added 2/2/2017

New York Licensing Laws Bar Salesman's Partnership Claim added 2/2/2017

New Jersey Court Rejects Licensee's "Better Late Than Never" Disclosure Defense added 2/2/2017

Timeshare Resale Scams Re-Emerge, With a Twist of Licensee Impersonation added 2/2/2017

Ohio Legislation Establishes Principal Broker Duties, Clarifies "Contemporaneous Offer" Handling, Updates Education Requirements added 2/2/2017

Six Things You Need to Know About the ARELLO® Timeshare Registry! added 2/2/2017

Louisville Awaits! Register for the 2017 ARELLO® Mid-Year Meeting Today! added 2/2/2017

February 2017 Boundaries added 2/2/2017

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