ARELLO Digest Survey Information

If this is your first time completing the Digest, welcome. Please do your best to provide us with the data and enlist others within your organization to help you complete it. If you’ve completed the Digest in the past, we’d like to welcome you to the new platform. We have consolidated questions, and used “skip logic” to move you through the survey faster. You can also now use a mobile device to complete the survey! We hope you’ll find the new platform easier to use.

Accessing the Survey

On December 13, 2017, an email containing a survey link was sent to your jurisdiction's primary account holder. This link is unique to your jurisdiction, and you can and should share this link with anyone within your organization that can help you complete the survey.  We urge you to share your individual link with others in your organization so that we may obtain the most complete picture of your jurisdiction’s practices.

You can leave the survey and pick up where you left off later, however, be sure to save your answers by clicking the navigation buttons at the bottom to move between pages.  Changes are only saved as you move between pages.

Additional Information

For the purposes of the Digest survey, we have defined a List of Common Terms in an effort to obtain some uniformity in answers. We understand that every agency defines things differently so come as close as possible when answering your survey questions.

You may also download the entire survey as a PDF document, which you can share with others in your organization and make an initial compilation of responses for later entry into the online survey.


Please complete the survey by Friday February 16, 2018.


Any questions can be posed to either Marianne Sackett, Director of Membership and Communications at, or Darren Whorton, Director of IT at