2020 Commissioner College-Section 102@AC2020

Montreal, Canada
September 27, 2020

ARELLO's Commissioner College is an educational program that is designed to prepare new board/council/commission members for their unique role as regulatory decision-makers and also serves as a valuable refresher course for those with more experience.

Occupational and professional licensing authorities are routinely presented with a broad range of potentially complex issues that can involve quasi-legislative, executive and judicial functions. An understanding of the legal, procedural and practical issues that are related to those distinct functions is critical to effective regulatory decision-making. 

This course is an all-day session and takes place on the Sunday following the ARELLO Annual Conference. Commissioner College is offered in 2 parts; 101 being offered in odd years and 102 being offered in even years. It is not necessary to take them in numerical order.

Section 102 covers:

  • Essentials of Administrative Law
  • Commission Member Rights
  • Duties and Liabilities
  • Licensing Administration and Policy
  • Special Topics



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