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March 2015 Boundaries added 3/3/2015

Another Drone Update added 3/2/2015

CFPB Proposes Boost to Rural and Underserved Area Mortgage Lending added 3/2/2015

NAR Backs Qualified Mortgage "Three Percent" Cap Parity added 3/2/2015

87 Percent of U.S. Homes Eligible for Down Payment Assistance, Programs Escape Notice added 3/2/2015

Appraisers Uneasy About Fannie Mae's "Collateral Underwriter" added 3/2/2015

Brokerage Models: "Disruptive" Brokerage (Briefly) Reveals MLS Commission Offers added 3/2/2015

Kentucky Law Firm Loses Bid to End RESPA Kickback Case added 3/2/2015

Appellate Court Says Oral Agreement With Brokers Not Barred by Statue of Frauds added 3/2/2015

Florida Court: SAFE Act-Based License Denial Not Barred by Previous Disciplinary Action added 3/2/2015

Michigan Drops CE Course Preapproval, Moves to Audit Compliance System added 3/2/2015

A Quick Look at 2015 Real Estate Legislation added 3/2/2015

Attention Members! Board of Directors and General Assembly to Convene in Albuquerque! added 3/2/2015

Are You Ready for the 2015 ARELLO® Mid-Year Meeting? added 3/2/2015

Albuquerque Convention and Visitors Bureau Brochure added 2/27/2015

2015 ARELLO Mid Year Pre-Meeting Packet added 2/19/2015

February 2015 REALTrends Newsletter added 2/5/2015

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