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September 2015 Boundaries added 9/1/2015

Marketing Services Agreement Exits Highlight RESPA Concerns added 8/31/2015

The Road to Paperless Transactions: CFPB Study Reveals the Benefits and Challenges of "eClosings" added 8/31/2015

White House Report Calls for State Licensing Reforms added 8/31/2015

CFPB Issues TRID Tool for Real Estate Professionals added 8/31/2015

Illinois Court: Dual Capacity Broker-Lawyer Restriction Is Not Unconstitutional added 8/31/2015

Indiana Appellate Court Weighs Common Law, Statutory Agency in Self-Dealing Case added 8/31/2015

Scam Update! added 8/31/2015

New Hampshire Carves Out "Kickback" Exception for Commercial Brokers added 8/31/2015

ARELLO® Celebrates 85th Year! added 8/31/2015

2015 General Assembly - Washington DC - Agenda with Minutes added 8/18/2015

August 2015 Boundaries added 8/4/2015

"And the Survey Says...", A Brief look at Real Estate Consumer Knowledge and Industry Trends added 8/4/2015

Tech Notes: A New Consumer App, One-Stop-Shopping, and More added 8/4/2015

California Supreme Court to Consider Scope of Dual Agency added 8/4/2015

Montana Bill Defines "Property Manager", Clarifies Scope of Licensing Laws added 8/4/2015

Louisiana "Reasonable and Customary" Appraisal Fee Disposition Is First in the U.S. added 8/4/2015

Georgia Bill Limits Licensee Liability for the Unauthorized Practice of Law added 8/4/2015

Washington "Real Estate Brokerage Services" Now Include "Floating On-Water Residences" added 8/4/2015

Fair Housing: U.S. Supreme Court Affirms "Disparate-Impact" Liability, Outlines Limitations added 8/4/2015

ARELLO® General Assembly and Board of Directors to Meet on September 12th added 8/4/2015

Last Call! 2015 ARELLO® Investigator of the Year Award Submissions Are Due August 12th! added 8/4/2015

ARELLO® Commissioner College: Supporting Solid Regulatory Decision-Making added 8/4/2015

Register Today for the 2015 ARELLO® Annual Conference! added 8/4/2015

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