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NAR ARELLO 5-13-16 Agenda added 4/26/2016

CFPB to Boost Rural Lending With New Application Process added 4/1/2016

Treasury Boosts Hardest Hit Fund By $2 Billion added 4/1/2016

Winding Down From the Crisis: "Making Home Affordable" Ends This Year added 4/1/2016

Federal Court Reviews Georgia's "Transaction Broker" Duties added 4/1/2016

Fair Housing Update: New York Proposes Discrimination Guidance for Real Estate Licensees added 4/1/2016

New Jersey Continuing Education Bill Vetoed as Anticompetitive added 4/1/2016

Real Estate Council of Ontario Implements Advertising Review, Complaint Processes added 4/1/2016

A Quick Look at 2016 Real Estate Legislation: Part II added 4/1/2016

ARELLO® Mobile Application for the 2016 Mid-Year Meeting! added 4/1/2016

You're Invited to the ARELLO® Board of Directors Meeting! added 4/1/2016

You Can Still Register for the ARELLO® Mid-Year Meeting! added 4/1/2016

April 2016 Boundaries added 4/1/2016

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