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February 2016 Boundaries added 2/3/2016

Rules Proposed For Implementation of GSEs' "Duty to Serve" added 2/3/2016

U.S. Tax Extenders Benefit Real Estate added 2/3/2016

TRID Update: Construction Loan Guidance added 2/3/2016

Freddie Mac Launches Online Resource for Agents, Brokers added 2/3/2016

New York Court: Landlord's Agent Had No Disclosure Duties to Tenants, Caveat Emptor Applies added 2/3/2016

Money Laundering: FinCEN Takes Aim at "All-Cash" Real Estate Transactions added 2/3/2016

Washington Court: "Readily Ascertainable" Facts Defeat Misrepresentation Claim added 2/3/2016

India Moves Closer To Real Estate Regulation added 2/3/2016

Texas Agency Oversight Processes Ruled Insufficient for "State-Action" Antitrust Immunity added 2/3/2016

District 5 Special Election added 2/3/2016

Oregon's Peter Bale Named as ARELLO® Investigator of the Year! added 2/3/2016

2015-2016 ARELLO® Investigator Workshop to Feature Special Training Program! added 2/3/2016

Online Registration Now Open for the ARELLO® Mid-Year Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia! added 2/3/2016

Thank You To Our Members! added 2/3/2016

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