ARELLO News Archive

Update to the ARELLO Distance Education Certification Program

The ARELLO Education Certification Committee (ECC) has completed the 2-year project of updating the Standards and the Policies and Procedures for the Distance Education Certification Program. The new governing documents go into effect on January 1, 2015. FInd more about the new governing documents by visiting the ARELLO Distance Educaiton Certification Program page.

Workgroup Signups Now Open

ARELLO is always looking for ways to anticipate and meet the needs of its members.  This year we are again asking you to sign up and become active in one or more of ARELLO’s  committees.   ARELLO’s committees take on tasks or oversee services carried out by our organization.  We’ve heard from members that there are too many work groups resulting in a duplication of effort and so we have refined and clarified the roles of our committees in response.

In the past members also had an opportunity to sign up for ARELLO’s forums, but for 2015 we’re going to try something new to respond to member needs.  In 2015 we’ll create roundtable groups to sharpen our focus on areas of shared interest and will schedule time and meeting space at our mid-year and annual meetings so that members can get together and exchange ideas and information.

Volunteer now using the ARELLO Workgroup Signup Tool (login required).  Signups will remain open through November 1, 2014.