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Education and Communication Award Submissions - Deadline June 5, 2015

The ARELLO® Education Certification Committee invites member jurisdictions to submit entries for the association's highly regarded Communication and Education Awards by June 5, 2015!

The ARELLO® Communication and Education Awards are presented each year in recognition of outstanding systems and educational programs that contribute to the real estate industry, promote public protection and might be adapted to benefit licensees and consumers in other ARELLO® member jurisdictions.

Communication Awards

This category is for newsletters and websites. Submissions for awards will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

Design: Does the design support clearly identified goals? Is the design creative in concept? Does the design enhance the professional image of the regulatory body?
Communication System Standards: Have criteria for meeting the established standards been created? How were the requirements for gathering and verification of information followed? How were the quality assurance standards met?
Innovation: Does the tool involve the effective use of innovative technology? Does the tool utilize an innovative information delivery platform? Are the rights of the individual respected?
Benefits: How did the tool benefit the target audience? How did the tool enhance the quality of performance of the regulatory body? How was the effectiveness evaluated?

Education Awards

Entries may be submitted in the following categories:

Pre-licensing Education Program or Course(s): May be the entire program or a particular pre-license course.
Post-license/Continuing Education Course: A single course or seminar that may be recurring, non-recurring, mandatory or voluntary.
Consumer Education Program or Course.
Miscellaneous: Videos, books, series of educational brochures, instructor development training programs, instructor newsletters, etc., that do not fall within another category and are not eligible for some other ARELLO® award.

Submissions for awards will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

Concept: Is the general idea timely, current and/or creative? Is the general idea supported by specific goals and objectives? Is the general idea supported by clearly identified needs?
Methodology: How well do the design and method of delivery/presentation contribute to accomplishing its goals? How are generally accepted or innovative instructional methods used for effective delivery? Are the learning objectives measurable and achievable?
Quality: Is the information accurate, complete, and presented in a well-organized manner? Are the design and the education materials used considered high quality? Are there referrals to supporting texts and/or links?
Benefits: What are the benefits to the target audience? How is the effectiveness evaluated? Does the content contribute directly to the professional competence of the participants?

For both the Communication and Education Awards, entries should include a narrative consisting of not more than four single-spaced, typed pages describing the communication system or education program in relation to the outlined criteria. Each of the evaluation criterion should be clearly and separately addressed in the narrative. The judges rely heavily on the jurisdiction's description, thus great emphasis will be placed on the narrative. Jurisdictions may consider it appropriate to submit a sample of the described submission (newsletter, course materials, booklet, CD, etc.). Website entries must include the website address and any necessary passwords for access by award subcommittee members.

Jurisdictions may submit entries and receive awards in more than one category. However, a jurisdiction may not receive an award in the same category for the same program more than once in any three-year period, even if the program has been significantly changed.

Email submissions are preferred and may be sent to Submissions should not exceed 20 MB. Hard-copy submissions will also be accepted. Send six (6) complete copies (including samples) to:

Attn: Communication and Education Awards
150 N. Wacker Drive, Suite 920
Chicago, Illinois 60606

Remember, the deadline is June 5, 2015!