The Board of Directors of the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) has adopted the following policies, which continue to represent the official position of the organization at this time.

Impact of Industry Members Serving on Real Estate Commissions or Boards
Posted July 27, 2006
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Licensure Recognition

The Association encourages cooperation and licensure recognition in licensing between jurisdictions when it is mutually advantageous.

For purposes of definition: "licensure recognition" is a standard of practice in which one jurisdiction allows an active real estate licensee from another jurisdiction to practice in its jurisdiction (1) without obtaining a non-resident, resident, or restricted license or (2) upon simply paying a fee and making proper application, to become a nonresident licensee based on the license from the applicant's resident jurisdiction. "Limited real estate licensure recognition" is a standard of practice permitting real estate licensees to practice in another jurisdiction subject to compliance with the special license law requirements imposed by that jurisdiction's law or rules.

Education Recognition

The Association encourages education recognition among jurisdictions and encourages its members to seek statute and/or rule changes in order to accomplish uniformity and recognition of courses across jurisdictional lines.

"Education recognition" is defined as a standard of practice in which a jurisdiction accepts all or part of the course work taken in other jurisdictions by license applicants or by licensees based on another jurisdiction's approval of the course work. Limitations in education recognition from one jurisdiction to another might typically be based on one or more of the following: 1) statutory/rule provisions that mandate certain course content; 2) the type of delivery approved for courses in that jurisdiction; and/or 3) the acceptance of courses only when they meet that jurisdiction's hour requirements.




Resources to Reference

ARELLO® working groups have developed several resources that serve as guidelines or models for regulators and organizations working to implement a regulatory structure and/or establish a pre-license/certification criteria.

These resources are stored in the Online Resource Library on this site available to full members of ARELLO.