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BY Marcia Franks
2021 ARELLO President

If you want to go fast, Go Alone. If you want to go far, Go Together!

Our February 2021 our ARELLO Executive Meeting was a scary meeting! We had to make the decision whether to have our Mid-Year meeting in person, or not. At the time there was not a vaccination, and most states were still closed because of COVID. Our hotel in San Antonio would not let us out of our contract. We had no idea if ...

CEO Nick Rhoad: We Messed With Texas!

Our host state for this year’s ARELLO Mid-Year Conference did not disappoint.  We were treated to southern hospitality, local cuisine and that infamous Texas spirit.  But those that expected us not to mess with Texas, were undoubtably frustrated by our many successes.  Among all the camaraderie among familiar and new friends, we got to work and made our mark.  We indeed, Messed with Texas.  Thank you to all of our members, sponsors, staff and event planners who ...

Oregon Legislation Addresses “Love Letters”

The State of Oregon just passed legislation limiting an agent’s ability to tender “Love Letters.” “Love Letters” are letters buyers write to sellers, aimed at personalizing the buyers with the hopes of convincing the sellers to select their offer over others. These letters oftentimes include personal information about the buyers intended to tug on a seller’s emotional heartstrings. Trouble is, the personal information may include descriptions that confirm ...

ARELLO Introduces Trial Membership to Non-Members

This month, ARELLO has initiated a trial membership campaign targeted at the 10 jurisdictions in the United States that are not current members. The campaign will include outreach from members of the Membership Committee to colleagues in the targeted jurisdictions, aimed at encouraging them to take advantage of an ARELLO trial membership. Trial members will receive the monthly Boundaries publication and access to essential ARELLO resources, including:

  • Access to the ARELLO ...

ARELLO Board of Directors Adopts Revised Position Statement on Licensure Recognition

At its 2021 Mid-Year Meeting, the ARELLO Board of Directors adopted a revised position statement on Licensure Recognition. ARELLO’s position remains that real estate licensees should continue to be regulated at the jurisdictional level, but should reject unreasonable barriers, unrelated to any public purpose of benefit, that imped the ability of real estate licensees to ...

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