License Recognition

The Facts Regarding Real Estate Occupational Licensing

Have you heard the drumbeat of the anti-regulatory/anti-licensing factions? Do you find the available studies on occupational licensing to be slanted, over-broad, and misleading? Have you had to defend against unfair generalizations and condemnations?

ARELLO has contracted research that looks at real estate licensing, specifically. The research agrees that some occupational licensing has been abused and that every action in this direction must be conscientiously undertaken. However, ARELLO's research drills down further aggregating accurate information addressing those concerns most often cited by the critics, such as: restraint, exclusion, industry protectionism, inflating costs, and failure to protect.

Facts at your fingertips; if you need fact-based information concerning the benefits of judicious real estate licensing and the protection of the public, ARELLO is making this research available. You will find the facts presented in various formats suitable for a variety of uses, here: