What is ARELLO?

ARELLO is the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials, an international trade association of real estate regulators. ARELLO was founded in 1930 to facilitate the exchange of information and cooperation among regulators and policy makers in the area of real property. Back then this concept existed as a handful of individuals around a table. But what does ARELLO look like today?


ARELLO is the essential resource for making real estate regulation better.


ARELLO supports jurisdictions in the administration and enforcement of their real estate license laws.


ARELLO brings regulators together to promote excellence in real estate regulation.


ARELLO members value...

  • The open exchange of information and ideas;
  • The creation and sharing of knowledge and expertise; and
  • Cooperation among regulators, jurisdictions and related entities.

Strategic Goals

  • Knowledge Creation and Dissemination: ARELLO is the essential source and resource on real estate regulatory matters.
  • Quality Programs and Services: ARELLO's programs and services develop effectiveness, efficiency and excellence among members.
  • Public Awareness and Credibility: ARELLO is recognized by governmental agencies, regulatory bodies and industry organizations as the authority on real estate regulatory issues.
  • International Influence: ARELLO is sought out by jurisdictions across the globe to achieve real estate regulatory excellence.
  • Organizational Efficiency: ARELLO serves its members effectively by prioritizing its capabilities, expertise and resources.

History of ARELLO

In 2010, at the direction of President Gary Isom, an ad hoc working group comprised of Chair Grace Berger, Robert Fawcett, Teresa Hoffman, and Charles Clark conceptualized, researched, and wrote the history of ARELLO. Numerous other past and present ARELLO members and staff contributed significantly to the work.

History of ARELLO