License Verification

Access the ARELLO Licensee Verification System


The ARELLO Licensee Verification Database is designed to provide a central, "one stop" repository that will assist consumers and regulators verifying real estate licensure/registration.


In 2001 ARELLO and the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) formed a joint venture to provide a web site for use by real estate practitioners and consumers to locate information about individual real estate licensees. This venture required each party to submit data to an aggregator who would combine the data for inclusion on the web site. NAR provides the NAR Member data and ARELLO encourages member jurisdictions to provide licensee data to NAR or its vendor for aggregation.

Since October 1, 2006, the ARELLO Licensee Verification Database has been maintained and hosted exclusively by ARELLO. ARELLO maintains a commitment to making the database as relevant as possible by ensuring that the data from jurisdictions is collected and processed fast and efficiently.

What information is reported to the License Verification database?

Jurisdictions can report active, inactive, and expired licenses of individuals (not companies) of various categories of real estate licensing including, but not limited to, salesperson, broker, associate broker, and associate salesperson.

How often does data get reported?

This submission of data can be made as often as the jurisdiction would prefer. ARELLO has an automated process that runs nightly that aggregates the data and can accept data as often as it is submitted. However, to keep the data in the Licensee Verification Database relevant, ARELLO would like data to be no more than one month old.

To truly make this an effective tool, data needs to be as current as possible. Therefore, where it is feasible for a jurisdiction to automate their submission, ARELLO encourages jurisdictions to submit daily.

How should we format the data for our submission?

ARELLO has produced a document that outlines the technical requirements of the file format that uses terminology such as "must," "should," and "required," however we can be flexible in the way we receive and process this data to ensure we make it as easy as possible for our member jursdictions to participate in this valuable program. Participation is much more important to ARELLO than conforming to the standards mentioned in the specifications. Each jurisdiction has a custom written import routine that allows ARELLO to be flexible and meet the needs of each jurisdiction's data.

Submission Delivery Methods

ARELLO can accept data in any one of the following ways:

    Uploading a file via FTP is ARELLO's preferred method of submission. Each jurisdiction will be supplied a username and password that will provide access to a private FTP folder for that jurisdiction. Email our IT Director for the FTP address and your username, and password.

    For those jurisdictions whose network policies prohibit the use of sending files via FTP, ARELLO has created an email inbox to accept data submissions. Email our IT Director for how to format and where to send your email files.

    For jurisdictions that provide bulk licensee data via their web site, ARELLO can proactively get the data from that publicly available source. Please contact us with the location of the file(s) on your web site.