Distance Education Certification

In an effort to better equip its members to protect the public through quality education of its regulated professionals, the ARELLO® Education Certification Committee has developed a set of Distance Education Standards that is applicable to all fields and professions. "ARELLO® Certified" assures that important educational principles are being adhered to.

Our Distance Education Certification Program certifies distance education courses using our comprehensive and rigorous Distance Education Standards. This program fosters excellence in professional education by evaluating the design and delivery of distance education courses.

Please see the Recognition section to learn more about the growing number of states that recognize ARELLO® Certification. If you have questions concerning ARELLO® Certification requirements for a particular jurisdiction, please contact the applicable jurisdictional office
(Documents updated 04/25/2019)

ARELLO® Distance Education Standards
ARELLO® Program Overview, Policies and Procedures



International Distance Education Certification Center is a distance education certification program dedicated to the mission of promoting quality in distance education through the establishment and monitoring of Standards for course delivery. Find more about IDECC® Certification by visiting their website www.idecc.org.


Certified Distance Education Instructor

Find out more about how to become a CDEI™, the required standard for all instructors associated with ARELLO Certified courses, by visiting the CDEI Page at idecc.org.

Real Estate Regulatory Jurisdictions Recognize Value in ARELLO Distance Education Certification

Jurisdictions colored in blue require or recognize ARELLO Distance Education Course Certification. Jurisdictions that require certification typically do so by regulation or other policy. Jurisdictions that endorse ARELLO's Certification have provided ARELLO with a written endorsement and in some cases give course providers some tangible benefit for submitting ARELLO Certified courses for approval. Learn more about ARELLO Certification and where it is recognized.

ARELLO® Certified Distance Education Courses

Use the Course Search page to view a list of certified courses or verify certification.