Examination Accreditation


Because the validity and defensibility of licensing exams are critically important to regulatory agencies, the ARELLO® Examination Accreditation Program provides an independent review and evaluation of licensing examinations and the program methodology used in developing and maintaining them.

To be accredited by ARELLO®, real estate licensing examination development programs must be found to comply with ARELLO® Guidelines for Accreditation and generally accepted principles of examination development, such as, but not limited to, those identified in the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. One way for real estate regulators to help ensure that examinations used for real estate licensing meet these high standards is to require the ARELLO® examination accreditation in requests for proposals and contracts for examination services.

By requiring the ARELLO® Examination Accreditation in requests for proposals and contract specifications for examination services, jurisdictions can be confident and trust that a systematic, independent review by subject matter and measurement experts is "Ensuring Standards in Examination Development" that are both valid and defensible.

The ARELLO® Accreditation could be a significant link in the chain of evidence for validity and legal defensibility of a real estate licensing examination should any organization that has an examination program accredited by ARELLO® be called upon to defend its examination program.

ARELLO® Examination Accreditation means:

  • Independent Review and Evaluation
  • Confidence and Protection
  • Defensible and Valid Standards
  • Enhanced Examination Quality
  • Facilitation of License Recognition

Purpose and Objectives

The ARELLO® Examination Accreditation Program exists to promote the welfare, interests, and development of licensing through evaluation and accreditation of licensing examination programs administered by jurisdictional licensing agencies (Procedure 30) and to promote licensure recognition through increased recognition of examination results among jurisdictions. The ARELLO® examination accreditation program helps to ensure quality in examination development and generates revenue that the organization uses to support jurisdictions in the administration and enforcement of real estate license laws to promote and protect the public interest. Objectives are to encourage greater uniformity of legislation, regulation, and practice as well as increased recognition of others' licenses among jurisdictions around the world through the Examination Accreditation Committee's activities (Procedure 6).

Accredited Examination Providers

Examination Provider Initial Accreditation Accreditation Expiration

Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP)
18000 W. 105th Street
Olathe, KS 66061 USA


August 31, 1992

August 31, 2022

Pearson VUE
Suite 300, Three Bala Plaza West
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004-3481 USA


December 31, 1994

December 31, 2019

PSI Services, LLC (PSI)
2950 N. Hollywood Way, Suite 200
Burbank, CA 91505 USA


October 1, 1993

September 30, 2023


Examination Accreditation Program Resources

ARELLO® offers the following resources to assist you in becoming more familiar with examination development and the accreditation program.

Contact ARELLO® for additional information about the Examination Accreditation Program.

Examination Accreditation Application

Jurisdictions Utilizing the ARELLO Examination Accreditation Program

ARELLO Examination Accreditation Participants
Alabama Georgia Louisiana Montana Ohio Texas
Alaska Hawaii Maine Nebraska Oklahoma Utah
Arizona Idaho Maryland Nevada Oregon Vermont
Arkansas Illinois Massachusetts New Hampshire Pennsylvania Virginia
Colorado Indiana Michigan New Jersey Rhode Island Washington
Connecticut Iowa Minnesota New Mexico South Carolina West Virginia
Delaware Kansas Mississippi North Carolina South Dakota Wyoming
District of Columbia Kentucky Missouri North Dakota Tennessee

Jurisdictions NOT Utilizing the Program

CaliforniaDevelops and administers own examination
FloridaDevelops own examination; administered by testing vendor
New YorkDevelops and administers own examination
WisconsinDevelops own examination; administered by testing vendor