ARELLO Timeshare Registry

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Timeshare Registry Description

The ARELLO Timeshare Registry (ATR) is designed to serve as a centralized data repository pertaining to timeshare project registrations.

The objectives of the program include:

  1. Reducing redundant registration procedures and the associated costs for regulatory agencies and timeshare providers.
  2. Promoting increased uniformity and recognition in timeshare registration processes among jurisdictions.

The ATR is NOT designed to:

  • replace the state approval process for timeshare registrations;
  • suggest jurisdictions eliminate or reduce timeshare fees associated with registration; (the ATR is not meant to threaten or replace regulatory fees)
  • develop universally accepted timeshare registration forms.

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Jurisdictions Participating in the ARELLO Timeshare Registry:

Alabama Active
Arizona Active
Arkansas Active
California Active
Colorado Active
Connecticut Inactive
Idaho Active
Louisiana Active
Maryland Active
Mississippi Active
Montana Active
Nebraska Active
Nevada Active
North Carolina Active
Ohio Active
Oregon Active
South Dakota Active
Tennessee Active
Texas Active
Utah Active
Washington Active
West Virginia Active