Timeshare Consumer Protection Campaign

Identifying and Avoiding Timeshare Exit Scams

The ARELLO Timeshare Committee, with sponsorship from the ARELLO Foundation and the American Resort Development Association (ARDA), has developed this Timeshare Consumer Protection Campaign for the general public. The goal was to develop consumer protection videos aimed at raising consumer awareness of Timeshare Exit Scams, where fraudulent companies collect large, up-front fees promising to help timeshare owners sell their property or get out of their timeshare obligations, and do not deliver any of the promised services.

The outcomes of this project are long videos, shorter sound bites, as well as a press kit which can be personalized with your agency contact information. Below are links to the materials developed.

Press Kit and Scripts
How to Exit Your Timeshare (short 1-minute clip) View on YouTube Download MP4 (75MB)
Full Interview with Jason Gamel, ARDA View on YouTube Download MP4 (2.2GB)
Timeshare Video 1 View on YouTube Download MP4 (969MB)
Timeshare Video 2 View on YouTube Download MP4 (836MB)
Timeshare VNR Reel View on YouTube Download MP4 (1.3GB)
Download All

This ZIP archive includes all press kits, scripts and videos.

Download ALL Resources (ZIP, 5.5GB)

We would like to thank The ARELLO Foundation and ARDA for the funding, as well as Gary Isom, former chair of the ARELLO Timeshare Committee, and Member Emeritus of ARELLO, for his vision and hard work that made this project possible.