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Commissioner College Upcoming In-Person Sessions

2024 Commissioner College 101
Chicago, Illinois
September 23, 2024

ARELLO's Commissioner College is a highly regarded educational program that is designed to prepare new board/council/commission members for their unique role as regulatory decision-makers and also serves as a valuable refresher course for those with more experience.

Occupational and professional licensing authorities are routinely presented with a broad range of potentially complex issues that can involve quasi-legislative, executive and judicial functions. An understanding of the legal, procedural and practical issues that are related to those distinct functions is critical to effective regulatory decision-making. ARELLO's Commissioner College program offers essential training and practical information in a wide range of relevant subjects including:

  • Essentials of Administrative Law
  • Rules of Evidence for Real Estate Members
  • Commission Member Rights, Duties and Liabilities
  • Ethical Considerations for Commission Members
  • Licensing Administration and Policy

The Program is offered in two formats: in-person sessions and online courses.

In-Person Sessions

Each year on the day following ARELLO's Annual Conference, Commissioner College holds one of the two Commissioner College sections, sections 101 and 102, on a rotating basis. Presented by ARELLO subject-matter experts, each section is comprised of three standard sessions that last 90 minutes each. A fourth session that covers special, currently relevant topics is offered to both current enrollees and Commissioner College alumni.

Online Courses

If you are not able to attend the in-person sessions, Commissioner College is also available in an online, on-demand format! The curriculum has been split into seven courses, with three courses comprising section 101 and four comprising section 102.

Section 101
CC101-1Simple Rules of Procedure
CC101-2Ethical Considerations for Commission or Board Members
CC101-3Rules of Evidence for Occupational Licensing Boards and Commissions
Section 102
CC102-1Antitrust Laws for Real Estate Boards and Commissions
CC102-2Administrative Law for Real Estate Licensing Boards and Commissions
CC102-3Commission Member Rights, Duties and Liabilities
CC102-4Licensing Administration & Policy

Each complete section is $300 total. You must take all the individual courses in a section to complete the section.

To get started, you must have an ARELLO user account. Board/council/commission members are entitled to an ARELLO account as part of their jurisdiction's membership. If you do NOT have an ARELLO account, please contact your regulatory agency administrator and ask them to create one for you.

Learn More and Enroll Online
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Completing the Courses

You may take each of the Commissioner College sections in-person, both online, or a combination of the two to complete the course of study. For example, you may take Section 101 in conjunction with an ARELLO conference and then decide to take Section 102 online. Sections may be completed in either order (you may complete Section 102 before Section 101).

You may NOT subdivide the sections. Each section must be taken as a complete unit online or in-person to earn credit. For example, you may NOT attend an in-person section, leave the session after lunch and complete the second half online; to earn credit for a section, you must complete the entire section online or in-person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend Commissioner College?

All new regulatory board/council/commission members and administrators will benefit from presentations exploring many of the special considerations involved in regulatory decision-making. The course also serves as a valuable refresher course for veteran members and administrators.

What are the benefits?

Appointed or elected Board/Council/Commission members make a significant investment in time and effort in order to contribute to public protection in the regulated industry. The ARELLO Commissioner College program provides a sound basis in the fundamentals underlying many of the issues that arise in the regulatory context. Attendees benefit not only from expert presentation of the subject matter, but will leave with an in-depth explanatory text that can be referred to in the future. While not required to do so, Commissioner College attendees are also encouraged to attend the ARELLO conference being held at the same venue. ARELLO conferences provide an invaluable opportunity to network and exchange information between colleagues, attend educational sessions and observe as ARELLO's committees address real estate regulatory topics of interest to the members.

I've been a commissioner for quite some time now. What am I going to learn that I don't already know?

As an experienced commissioner, you know that professional and occupational industries, and thus the issues facing regulators, are dynamic. Even as a veteran regulatory decision-maker, knowing why certain policies, procedures and legal concepts are applied will help you to make more effective decisions. Also, the Commissioner College curriculum is periodically updated and offers an additional, currently relevant topic segment.