Robert W. Semenow Real Estate Policy Resource Endowment Fund

The ARELLO Foundation Board of Trustees has established and maintains an Endowment Fund known as the "Robert W. Semenow Real Estate Policy Resource Endowment Fund."

Robert W. Semenow was the first staff member for ARELLO, serving with the title of "executive vice president" from 1930 until 1977 -- a tenure that likely never will be matched. Semenow was during that time THE world authority on real estate license law. He had distinguished himself as Professor of Urban Land Studies at the University of Pittsburgh and as the Director of Pennsylvania's Real Estate Broker's License Law. He probably is most known for authoring the book Questions and Answers on Real Estate, which was the main reference for anyone preparing for a real estate licensing examination during those years. Semenow earned a bachelor's degree in economics (B.S.), a master's degree in letters (M.Litt.) and credentials in law (J.D. and LL.D.) and also published the book Selected Cases in Real Estate. His expertise and effort were vital to the early success of this association.

The Endowment Fund's purpose is to help enable the Foundation to research real estate law and policy issues and to participate with the appropriate organizations in discussions of real estate regulation. The Endowment Fund shall exist to provide a growing and continuous flow of funds to the Foundation to support the current programs and to allow expanded services and outreach -- through funding of meetings, travel, materials, research and staff or consultant assistance – while assisting ARELLO to reduce reliance on dues revenue and surplus income from its various meetings for events that have to do with the Endowment's purpose. Distributions from the Endowment Fund are determined by vote of the Foundation's Board of Trustees.

Donations to the ARELLO Foundation, including the Endowment Fund are considered tax deductible under IRS regulations.