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ARELLO Headquarters

ARELLO Headquarters
11650 Olio Road, Suite 1000 #360
Fishers, IN 46037 +1 (312) 300-4800
Accounts Receivable/Payable

Accounts Receivable/Payable
PO Box 6457
Dept. #259
Indianapolis, IN 46206-6457 +1 (312) 300-4803


ARELLO uses non-volunteer resources to support the work of our membership. Use the information in the table below to contact the administrative staff at ARELLO.

The ARELLO team is always available to answer informational requests, communications related to established services and functions, and policy discussions with senior professional staff. Please remember, requests which would require significant time or budget resources, or require policy changes, must be channeled through proper ARELLO governance procedures.

Member Outreach Guide

Not sure who to get in touch with? Check out our Member Outreach Guide for more details about our incredible staff.

Member Outreach Guide

ARELLO Staff Directory

Chief Executive Officer Nick Rhoad (312) 300-4802
Chief Financial Officer Anna Rogers (312) 300-4803
Chief Technology Officer Darren Whorton (718) 355-9670
Director of First Impressions Calleigh Smith (219) 380-1888
Director of Distance Education Dana Taulli (312) 300-4805
Exam Accreditation Program Administrator Janet Carder (573) 375-1172
Law & Policy Coordinator Kristin Rosan (614) 702-2409
Senior Application Developer Chad Stinner (312) 300-4801

Meet Your ARELLO Staff

Nick Rhoad

Chief Executive Officer
(312) 300-4802

Nick has served as the CEO of the ARELLO since 2019. His connection to the organization dates back to 2005 when he attended his first ARELLO meeting as the Director of the Indiana Real Estate Commission. In that role, he was responsible for the Real Estate Commission, the Appraiser Board, and the Home Inspector Licensing Board.  He later went on to serve as the Executive Director of the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency, which is the umbrella agency that oversees 38 professions and multiple boards of directors.

Nick developed significant private sector experience in his role as the Vice President of Economic Development, Tax Policy, and Business Development for a development company, supporting international clients with real estate tax strategies and economic development incentives. He helped to drive the firm’s success by tailoring property tax solutions to manufacturers, multi-family properties, non-traded Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), 1031 exchanges, energy, oil, gas, and alternative direct investments which achieved real and personal property tax reductions.

Nick also volunteers with his local fire department. 

Nick graduated from Hillsdale College with a B.A. in Political Economy and earned a Master of Public Administration from Indiana University.

He and his wife live outside Indianapolis, Indiana, with their three children.

Anna Rogers

Chief Financial Officer
(312) 300-4803

As ARELLO’s CFO, Anna is responsible for preparing financial statements, cash management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, budget and forecast, audit, tax returns, payroll, and has a relationship with investment advisor. Anna is the staff liaison to the Finance Committee.

Reasons to contact Anna:

  • Need to make a payment
  • Need an invoice
  • Need a refund
  • Questions on any financial related activities

Darren Whorton

Chief Technology Officer
(718) 355-9670

As Chief Technology Officer, Darren is responsible for maintaining ARELLO’s technology infrastructure. He oversees the development of all web applications, like the public and member website at, the License Verification Program at, the ARELLO Timeshare Registry (ATR), the Disciplinary Action Database (DADB), the Distance Education Certification Program at and, and several others. Darren is the staff liaison to the IT/Communications Committee and Timeshare Committee.

Reasons to contact Darren:

  • You need technical support with an ARELLO website or technology service (for example, if you have technical issues registering for a meeting, or if you can’t login to
  • You’d like to add or correct some content on an ARELLO website or the mobile app (for example, adding meeting materials for your committee).
  • Your jurisdiction is interested in participating in an ARELLO program, like License Verification or Disciplinary Action Database.
  • You want to schedule a Zoom meeting for your committee.
  • You or your committee needs technical support for one of your projects (for example, the Law & Regulation Committee’s use of Poll Everywhere for their presentation at the Annual Conference).

Calleigh Smith

Director of First Impressions
(219) 380-1888

As Director of First Impressions, Calleigh provides executive support and serves as the primary point of contact for all matters regarding the CEO's Office. She serves as the liaison to the board of directors and senior management team, coordinates executive outreach, and oversees special projects.  

Calleigh is also responsible for supporting ARELLO’s membership through great customer service and clear, accurate communications from Headquarters. She works alongside Kristin Rosan in creating and distributing Boundaries each month. Calleigh leads our marketing and communication efforts throughout the year. She serves as the staff liaison to the Program and Membership Committees.   

Reasons to contact Calleigh:   

  • You have questions for the CEO's Office or would like to schedule a meeting with the CEO 
  • Your committee needs additional support (excluding IT)   
  • You have questions regarding special projects or are interested in a special project for the association 
  • You have questions about your ARELLO membership account, such as you want to confirm your membership status, or your membership has lapsed and you want to renew 
  • You need to add a new employee to your account or change who is listed as your account administrator 
  • You want to refer someone to join ARELLO as an Affiliate Member 
  • You have questions about a committee you’ve been assigned to 
  • You have general questions about attending or sponsoring an ARELLO Conference 

Dana Taulli

Director of Distance Education
(312) 300-4805

As Director of Distance Education, Dana is responsible for managing the distance education course certification program. She partners with the Education Certification Committee to promote the program and implement Standards, Policies and Procedures. Dana also oversees the Certified Distance Education Instructor program and interacts with those seeking and holding the certification. Additionally, Dana supports the goals of the Investigator/Auditor Committee, is the main contact for the CREI and SCREI designations and is instrumental in the planning and promotion of the ARELLO Regulatory Investigations Seminar (ARIS).

Reasons to contact Dana:

  • Distance Education Certification: Seeking certification, questions about standards, policies and procedures. Information/verification of about certified courses
  • Certified Distance Education Instructor (CDEI) : Questions about the certification and required coursework. Verification of credential
  • Certified Real Estate Investigator (CREI) and Senior Certified Real Estate Investigator (SCREI): Questions about the certification and application process and verification of credential
  • ARELLO Regulatory Investigations Seminar (ARIS) – Responds to member inquiries related to registration and programming

Janet Carder

Exam Accreditation Program Administrator
(573) 375-1172

As the Exam Accreditation Program Administrator, Janet assists the Exam Accreditation Committee in its operation and continuous evaluation of the program. The program provides independent review and evaluation of real estate licensing examinations and the methodology used in developing and maintaining them. The program also promotes license recognition through acknowledgment of examination results among jurisdictions.

Reasons to contact Janet:

  • An examination provider has questions or concerns about applying for accreditation or reaccreditation of its exam.
  • If you have general questions about ARELLO’s Exam Accreditation Program.

Kristin Rosan

Law & Policy Coordinator
(614) 702-2409

As ARELLO’s Law and Policy Consultant, Kristin generates the content of the ARELLO Boundaries eMagazine, which tracks relevant developments in real estate licensing and regulation including legislation and rules, court decisions, business models and technology, and other matters of interest. Kristin also provides support for ARELLO workgroups and law-based initiatives, projects, and presentations and performs various additional law-based research and resource development work, as assigned by the Chief Executive Officer.

Reasons to contact Kristin:

  • Further information about information appearing in Boundaries
  • Boundaries article reprint information
  • Help with spreading the word about new license law developments in your jurisdiction
  • Information and suggestions on researching administrative/license law trends and issues

Chad Stinner

Senior Application Developer
(312) 300-4801

Chad focuses on developing and managing existing applications, websites and data services for members and customers. Chad also providers technical assistance to members and customers using the these services. Examples of services are,, ATR (Time Shares), DADB (Disciplinary Action Database), Digest Survey,, MHS (My Honor Society), etc.

Reasons to contact Chad:

  • You are interested in using one of our online services and have questions
  • You require technical assistance with one of our online services (service errors, account related, feature requests)