Fair Housing Awards

The Fair Housing Awards acknowledge impactful efforts to further fair housing and to promote anti-discrimination in housing. The purpose of these awards are (1) to recognize outstanding fair housing programs that benefit the real estate industry in the promotion of, and compliance with, fair housing; (2) to increase the awareness of outstanding fair housing programs; and (3) to protect the public through honoring and promoting excellence in fair housing education programs.

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Submitting Nominations

AWARD. The Fair Housing Award recipient(s) will receive:

  • A Certificate of Commendation from ARELLO
  • A Fair Housing Award

CATEGORIES: Select a category(ies) for the Fair Housing Program submission. The categories are:

  1. Pre-Licensing Education: Fair housing education provided to applicants for real estate licenses, including non-recurring education required within the first three (3) years post-licensure
  2. Post-Licensing Education: Fair housing education provided to real estate licensees that is non-recurring and voluntary
  3. Continuing Education: Fair housing education provided to real estate licensees that is mandatory
  4. Consumer Education: Fair housing education that benefits consumers
  5. Research: Research that furthers fair housing
  6. Instructor Development Education: Fair housing education for the development of fair housing instructors
  7. Total Education: Comprehensive fair housing education of any subject for any target audience, including consumers, applicants for licensure, licensees, government entities, etc.
  8. Miscellaneous: This category includes materials such as videos, books, etc.

NARRATIVE: Each Applicant is required to submit a written narrative consisting of no more than four (4) single-spaced, typed 8.5" x 11" pages, describing the fair housing program in relation to the Criteria for Evaluation in Section III. The Applicant may also submit samples of the submission, e.g. video, book, newsletters, etc., or other supporting materials. Website entries must include the website address and any necessary passwords for access by Fair Housing Committee members. No less than four (4) samples or supporting materials must be provided.

CRITERIA FOR EVALUATION: The Applicant should address the following criteria in the narrative.

  1. Program Design: Has a need been identified? Is the program designed to effectively meet clearly identified goals? Is the program timely and current in its concept?
  2. Program Standards: Have effective methods of quality control been established? Are appropriate instructional/research methods and materials utilized?
  3. Innovation: Does the program involve the effective use of innovative technology or methods in instruction, communications or delivery? Was the program creative in its concept?
  4. Resources: Does the program make effective and efficient use of available funds, personnel and other resources? Do the benefits justify the costs incurred?
  5. Benefit: How did the program benefit the target group? Were the goals of the program realized? How was the effectiveness of the program evaluated?

Award Recipients

  • 1997 – Arkansas and District of Columbia
  • 1996 – Joan C. Montgomery and Bill Gray
  • 1995 – Arizona and J. Edward Poole
  • 1994 – Arizona
  • 1993 – Arizona
  • 1992 – Arizona
  • 1991 – Colorado
  • 1990 – Kentucky
Continuing Education
  • 2022 – Oregon Real Estate Commission
Instructor Education
  • 2022 – District of Columbia Real Estate Commission
Consumer Education
  • 2022 – South Carolina Realtors
  • 2022 – Alabama Real Estate Commission
  • 2022 – Tennessee Housing Development Agency
Total Program
  • 2022 – Zillow, Inc.