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Price: $30.00 2019 Directory of Real Estate Organizations
The Directory of Real Estate Regulators & Organizations provides a complete list of national and international groups in a compact publication - including names, addresses and phone numbers for regulators all over the world, as well as for the individuals who play an important role as regulatory appointees or staff. Also included are the major real estate associations located around the world.

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Price: $55.00 2019 Digest of Real Estate License Laws and Current Issues
The Digest of Real Estate License Laws and Current Issues charts licensing requirements, license recognition/reciprocity, applicable fees, agency practice, examination data, required education data, recent case law, activities requiring licensure, fee-sharing restrictions and other important policies. In addition, the Digest contains extensive grids on the statistics that most accurately depict the industry. It's the only resource of its kind in the world.

An online version of this product and all historic Digests is also available by annual subscription.

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Price: $35.00 The No Significant Difference Phenomenon

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Price: $35.00 Investigator Manual
ARELLO® has developed an introductory course on real estate investigations and audits that is designed to be taken as a self-study with help from one's investigative supervisor. The course covers the following topics such as Law & Practice, Professional Responsibility, Complaint Processing, Report Writing, Investigative Techniques, and more. Order your copy today!

Please Note: This version of the Investigator Manual was created in 1999. A new edition is under active development.

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