Vision, Mission, Purpose and Values

VISION: ARELLO is the essential resource for making real estate regulation better.

MISSION: ARELLO supports jurisdictions in the administration and enforcement of their real estate license laws.

CORE PURPOSE: ARELLO brings regulators together to promote excellence in real estate regulation.

CORE VALUES: ARELLO members value...

  • The open exchange of information and ideas;
  • The creation and sharing of knowledge and expertise; and
  • Cooperation among regulators, jurisdictions and related entities.


  • Goal A – Knowledge Creation and Dissemination: ARELLO is the essential source and resource on real estate regulatory matters.
  • Goal B – Quality Programs and Services: ARELLO’s programs and services develop effectiveness, efficiency and excellence among members.
  • Goal C – Public Awareness and Credibility: ARELLO is recognized by governmental agencies, regulatory bodies and industry organizations as the authority on real estate regulatory issues.
  • Goal D – International Influence: ARELLO is sought out by jurisdictions across the globe to achieve real estate regulatory excellence.
  • Goal E – Organizational Efficiency: ARELLO serves its members effectively by prioritizing its capabilities, expertise and resources.