ARELLO serves in a variety of functions that extend beyond the programs that benefit only its members. ARELLO is positioned between regulatory agencies and the industry in such a way that often we are a natural provider of services that facilitate greater quality and efficiency for all involved.

Here are some of the most significant programs ARELLO sponsors:

  • Distance Education Certification
    Expert evaluation of the design and delivery of education courses offered for mandatory credit via distance learning methods
  • Disciplinary Action Data Bank
    Online database of individuals who have at some point been the subject of disciplinary action by a real estate licensing agency (available for viewing only by regulators)
  • Examination Accreditation
    Expert review of examinations utilized by licensing/registration or certification organizations
  • License Status Verification
    Instant report on the status of an individual's real estate license
  • Timeshare Registry
    Fast, secure, and the most efficient method for regulatory agencies processing timeshare registration filings at no cost to the agency.

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